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Hi, I’m Benjamin, owner of Notting Hill Vape.

I quit smoking cigarettes in 2010. I had a twenty + a day habit that was affecting my personal health. Like all smokers, I’d panic if I was running low on cigarettes & get irritable if I couldn’t smoke. Moreover, my hands, hair and clothes smelt like ashtrays.

I did try patches and gum, with little success. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy my first ‘pen style’ e-cigarette that would mimic smoking.

After a quick internet search, I contacted Sherif from Vapourettes (now a very well known Youtube reviewer @vapouretteslondon), who at the time was selling e-cigarettes. Not only was he patient, he also took the time to explain how they worked and explain all aspects of vaping.

I had enough incentive to try it, stick with it and eventually be persuaded by the fact that I now consider them to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

12 years ago, Kanger, Smok, Joyetech, Biansi (just to name a few) were the front runners in pen style devices. As for e-liquids, they were pretty basic. Solid simple flavours from China. Mostly tobaccos and simple fruits.

I was looking for more flavour, more vapour and that is when Aspire Ecigs released an iconic tank. The Atlantis sub-ohm tank. To think that it could be vaped at 45w was astounding at the time. Modern sub-ohm tanks can go all the way to 200w nowadays.

It was then that I also went to my first Vape show - VapeJam, held at Olympia in London. I had found nirvana. Fellow vapers who had made the switch to vaping and all had similar smoking stories to mine.

I also discovered premium e-liquids from the USA and the UK, such as Vampire Vape, Ruthless, Kilo etc. That was it, I now knew that this was a community I wanted to belong to and that planted the seed for me to help others and sell e-cigarettes as a means to finding a safer alternative to smoking.

I am now at a stage where I test e-cigarettes for various manufacturers and feel that my feedback helps develop a better product.

I believe in helping others and should you need advice or have any questions, please drop me an e-mail or a WhatsApp.